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sumo bot

January 2020


Alex Scaperotta and I built and coded this sumo-wrestling robot. The goal of the assignment was to create a robot that used a light sensor to stay on top of a table and that would survive in a battle against another robot (both robots were placed on a table, and the first one to fall/get pushed off would loose).

Key characteristics of our SumoBot:

  • Light sensor to prevent falling off of table

  • Geared scoop/shovel on front to try and flip over opponent

  • Geared wheels to provide additional torque on wheels

  • Ultrasonic sensor that detected location of rear of robot -- if robot was being pushed off of edge backwards, wheels would begin to spin much faster than the normal setting as a "last ditch" attempt to save itself.

  • Additional support wheels to help robot maneuver table edges


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